operations research course 2021

a course on graph algorithms and mathematical programming

Hello and welcome to the website for the Operations Research course I am teaching this year at École des Ponts ParisTech. The main instructor is Axel Parmentier, and general information is available on the Educnet page, but here you will find some resources that are specific to my group.

course material

  • Course notes with solutions
  • Project material: on Educnet
  • Course videos: on our Teams workspace


class 1: optimization problems & graphs

class 2: shortest paths

class 3: flows

class 4: spanning trees & complexity

class 5: linear Programming

class 6: integer Programming

class 7: integer programming again

  • Class notes
  • The lesson was done on the blackboard without a recording or quiz

class 8: bin packing & facility location

class 9: routing problems

class 10: network design

additional resources


  • VisuAlgo: Visualize many combinatorial algorithms with pseudocode indications and correctness proofs
  • WilliamFiset: A YouTube channel with a great series of short videos on graph theory



Here are a few resources you can use to complement the course or to go deeper. If you can’t find them, ask me for help or check out these bibliography tools.

introductory books

Advanced books